Frequently Asked Questions

Should you choose the season to build a house? Is it better to build in the dry season?

Before construction, homeowners need to weigh the pros and cons of each type of weather that best suits their family needs. Also, when you understand the problems that may be encountered during the construction process, you will be more active in responding and making a backup.

Start building houses when the cost of materials will reduce cost?

This is the view of most people, waiting for the price of materials and then buy new to save costs. However, in essence on the market price, construction materials and equipment, decorative materials have different increases and decreases in the same time. When the material rises, the other material decreases, all not falling or increasing proportionally. Compared to the overview, you will not benefit in terms of price. Sometimes the price of raw materials such as brick, stone, cement decreased, but the price of equipment and finishing materials increased. As noted by the architects, the choice of the time of building materials prices do not significantly reduce the total cost of construction of houses.