Construction of bored pile D300÷D800

With a team of engineers and workers with many years of experience, Quang Huy company has constructed more than 500 bored pile projects with diameters from D300 to D800 by drilling fluid circulation method. Quang Huy Company always executes according to the right technique, time, progress and quality according to TCVN as committed to customers.
The method of bored pile technology is to use a hole making device to remove soil from the hole, and at the same time inject a solution capable of forming a membrane that holds the wall of the excavation hole and has a specific gravity slightly higher than groundwater in the hole. soil a little to balance the pressure when taking up soil. Next, clean the sediment (sediment and loose soil) falling on the bottom of the hole, ensure direct contact of the concrete pile tip later on to the good bearing ground, increase the tip resistance of the pile. Then proceed to pour concrete or reinforced concrete by the method of pouring concrete under water, that is, pouring concrete continuously from the bottom of the hole, do not let the newly poured concrete come into direct contact with the retaining solution. the concrete conduit is always inside the poured concrete block, so that the concrete out of the conduit is not directly in contact with the solution), the extruded concrete gradually takes the place of the retaining solution, pushing this solution out. outside the hole. Finally, when the pile concrete has set, cured and reached a certain strength, conduct open excavation at the top of the pile and remove this pile top - usually the poor quality concrete due to mixing with the retaining solution. formed at the beginning of concrete pouring and is gradually pushed to the top of the pile during the concreting process.
In short, the technological method is to use the solution to keep the excavated hole wall in place of the ground soil at the pile hole and then replace this solution with concrete mortar.