Construction of underground part: Construction of Foundation and Basement

Quang Huy Company has more than 20 years of experience in conducting geological surveys, constructing bored piles, treating ground and underground water, Quang Huy company has successfully constructed many projects with specialized technical requirements. depth and construction methods to ensure safety. With such strengths, Quang Huy company has succeeded with the following types of basement works:

1/ Optimizing the tunnel area using the method of reinforcing the diaphragm wall by Jet grouting pile technology to help reduce the area of ​​the diaphragm wall encroaching on the tunnel wall compared to the method of bored piles or piles C. This method is good for the construction of 01 basement.

2/ Cut the long diaphragm pile D400 8m deep to put the column system into the tunnel wall to expand the basement area by injecting cement-sand mortar (Jet grouting pile) to increase ground strength, reduce groundwater and prevent supply. slip of the soil block adjacent to the bored pile D400 to be cut.

3/ Basement construction in the area of ​​flowing mud geology: the surface geology is a layer of mud about 20m thick, so basement construction works in this area must have solutions to prevent sliding of the mud moving during the process. tunneling from two directions (horizontal direction and direction from the ground). Quang Huy Company with cement-sand mortar technology (Jet grouting pile) has reinforced the mud foundation on both sides of the diaphragm wall and the mud foundation under the tunnel three (03) pushed up when digging.