Construction of ground treatment by cement-sand mortar pile technology (JET GROUTING PILE & JET PILE)

Through many years of research and manufacturing of construction equipment, Quang Huy company has successfully implemented and constructed ground treatment, tested through more than 50 works by 02 technologies: JET GROUTING PILE and JET PILE.
1. Jet Grouting Pile: is to use a bearing steel pipe and inject cement-sand mortar around the steel pipe to form a cement-sand mortar pile. This pile participates in the lateral pressure (active pressure) or the compressive pressure of the soil when digging the foundation pit. This technology is applied in ground treatment to increase soil strength, reinforce diaphragm walls and prevent water flow during tunneling.
2. Jet Pile: is a pile for soil reinforcement, filling the gap between two (02) bored piles of the bored pile diaphragm wall system. Jet Pile piles are drilled with a twist drill (chicken intestine) to the design depth, then a specialized pump according to the roto-type pump technology combined with a flexible hose through the drill rod to bring the mortar (cement - sand) with a adhesion from the ground to the stratigraphic area to be reinforced and sealed. Thereby creating a stronger bond between the mortar (cement - sand) and the bored pile system and sealing the gaps, reducing the horizontal infiltration of water through the bored pile diaphragm wall system when tunneling.